Loire Valley à la carte

Eugene O’Neill wrote to friend from his château in Saint Antoine du Rocher – dated June 11th 1929 :

“Question: are you planning for Europe in the near or not-so-near future ?- any time you like for as long as you care to stay. We have a really beautiful place, out of the track of tourists in real French Touraine country, with a home with all sorts of room, grand old furniture, acres & acres of farmland and woods, privacy and nature and peace to the nth degree! I hope you are tempted by these glowing details! . I feel as if I’d at last come home – the sort of home I’ve always craved for and couldn’t have achieved in our U.S. – and I expect to be happy here as never before. .Here’s hoping you may be coming soon! I know your wife would love this place. Perhaps she may know this part of France well? We’re about ten kilometres from Tours. (north). I will be at this place constantly from now on – and I won’t return to the U.S. for years, I think. Keep my address confidential, of course. There are so many people I don’t want to see and they are always the ones who drop in without ceremony.”

Loire Valley à la Carte wants to share with visitors a cultural and human experience by opening the door to the original and authentic Touraine. I have advised and guided International clients for the past 10 years in the luxury hospitality trade as well as having traveled and holidayed aboard. My purpose is to share a precious moment of French life with you.

If you would like to share these moments with me I can organize a private tour (2 to 6 people). La Touraine is only 1 hour from Paris by TGV and is above all;

  • The majestic Loire which crosses this department and is a different image every day
  • The valley of kings with its splendid castles, Amboise, Chenonceaux, Villandry…to visit again and again
  • The vineyards and its troglodyte wine cellars

The Loire Valley is also the garden of France and the home of personalities such as, the artist Calder, the American writer O’Neill (Nobel prize for literature), the painter Ernst Marx as well as Mick Jagger.

Discover the art of French life just as they did

Authentic French life

I will invite you to my home to share my French life. Together we will prepare simple French meals for lunch and relax on the terrace while learning the basics of the French language. Take a trip on the Loire by boat, cycle or ramble through the lovely Touraine countryside, discover the know-how of our local tradesmen and artisans, visit local private gardens, explore insolite sites, visit our vineyards with their winemakers, do some fashion shopping, visit a flea market or shop in my favorite shops, visit an artist or Sculptor ’s Workshop.
You are my guests!
Loirevalley à la carte-bienvenue en Loire